Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The End of the Road.....

I'd like to dedicate this song to someone who has been by my side (in my side?) for my entire life..... 

My gallbladder.....
Today I learned that you are full of stones and have to (surgically) leave my side after a great 26 year run together (admittedly we didn't do much running). You were such a faithful little organ.... always carrying around bile and stuff... I know we didn't always agree on things like hamburgers and ice cream and I know the 3 years I worked at a fast-food Mexican restaurant were full of grease and discomfort for both of us, but you were mine and I loved you. 

It is a shame you have decided to go rogue on me, Old Friend. You have spent the last few months making me sick almost every day. I could have never imagined you'd get so salty and do me like this. You're not the organ I once knew. The time has come to schedule our separation. I am sorry it must come to this.
Goodbye little gallbladder, goodbye.

I mean, gotta make light of it, right!? Ha. 

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