About Us

We are Andrew & RenĂ© Breen! 

We're 20-somethings living & working in a suburb of Buffalo, New York. 
We've been best friends since 2005,
"an item" since 2008 
& Mr. & Mrs. since 2012.

Want to know how we met? You can read all about it here.
Interested in how we got engaged? Read about it here.
You can also see pictures & read details from our wedding ceremony or the reception <3

Commence Happily Ever After!

Married life is the best! 
We're so excited to have this incredible life together.
& better yet, we plan to BLOG ABOUT IT!
So here it is, ladies & gents!

What You Can Expect from Being the Breen's

We're big fans of DIY projects, food &; spending time together
Expect to see blog posts about our many projects, meals & dates 
mixed in with marriage/relationship insight & opinions.

Of course there will also be lots of details of our daily life too!

You'll see plenty about our kitty Teddy! He's literally like our feline-child. 
We adopted him in May of 2012 and he keeps us laughing daily.

Also, We're working on expanding our family to include children of the human-kind! 
It's been a struggle & we've been dealing with everything from infertility to miscarriageWe'd considered keeping this aspect of our lives private, but we've decided that full disclosure is best. 
If you can relate or find this even a LITTLE bit encouraging, educational or entertaining, well. Then at the very least we're not struggling in vain. 

Thanks for reading! 
If you're following along, be sure to give us your feedback! 

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