Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Becoming The Breen's #2 -- The Proposal

Part #2 of our Becoming the Breen's Series leading up to our 1st anniversary as Mr & Mrs! Here's the story of how we became engaged! Again, it's in a "His" & "Hers" format taken & tweaked from our wedding website! Lucky for us a few pictures exist from the night we got engaged. Also, you'll be able to view some of our engagement pictures captured in October 2011 by Katie from Kate Blank Photography! 

Our Proposal Story: (According to Andrew)

Three years after we started dating, Rene and I began to seriously talk about getting married. It was important to me to ask her father, which let me tell you; was not an easy talk for either of us lol. My plan was to call Kevin and ask to come over one day while René was at work so we could just talk alone man to man. I kept telling myself "Okay. Today is the day. I'll call him today..." Weeks went by and I told myself the samething  I finally got up the nerve to give him a call. So, shaking in my boots I called him and left a message. When he called back, I asked him if I could come over and talk to him about something "real quick." He agreed, so I rushed over before I lost my nerve.  I got there walked in and sat down with him in the kitchen.We made small talk and Kevin, sensing perhaps what the purpose of this conversation was, avoided the subject of René like the plague. At one point I brought up the reason I asked to see him and Kevin changed the subject quickly almost avoiding the subject and (I'm pretty sure he was just as shocked and uncomfortable as I was!) As fate would have it, René came home soon after so I didn't get a definate answer. I had to get up the nerve AGAIN and at this second "meeting" I quickly blurted out my intentions. Luckily he gave me his blessing, which meant the absolute world to me. Some say asking for a dad's permission is outdated and old-fashioned,but it meant a lot to Kevin, René and me. 

Sweetest Day 2010, Rene worked all day and I stopped by to have dinner with her and then we  went back to her house. Her aunts, uncles, dad, step-mom and siblings were there having a fire in a firepit on the deck. So we hung out for awhile and visited. René was getting tired and she wanted to go to bed.While she was in the bathroom I spoke with her family and told them that I was planning to ask her to marry me. They suggested I do it that evening.....Talk about pressure!

It WAS the perfect night to do it. I had been keeping the ring on me in case the perfect moment presented itself and here it was! I went out to my truck and grabbed the ring.

Rene's Aunt Angela was coaxing Rene out of the bathroom and outside to the fire. Rene stopped to watch part of whatever movie was on the tv while we were all waiting outside. FINALLY (after what seemed like forever...) she came outside &  Kevin said a few words. This was it. I dropped to one knee and asked her the most important question I've ever asked anyone:

"René Nicole, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"
She said yes! Everyone cheered! It was great to have her family there to celebrate with us!

Our Proposal Story: (According to Rene)

It was October 16th, Sweetest Day, and I was working a lousy 11-8:30 shift. I had basically given up on any chance of romance for the day.To make matters worse, when I FINALLY made it home from work, Andrew, along with my dad, aunts & uncles, were having what seemed to be a bonfire at my house. Exhausted from a crummy day at work, I humored my family with my presence, had a glass of wine & decided I was ready for bed.

I went into the bathroom to wash my face & my Aunt Angela knocked on the door asking me to come back outside to the deck. In no specific hurry (& unaware that everyone was outside waiting for ME) I finished washing my face and proceeded (slowly) outside to the deck after pausing for about 3 minutes in the living room to catch a portion of an Adam Sandler movie. (C'mon. How could you NOT stop to watch an Adam Sandler movie?!)

Once outside I found the family gathered in a circle, very ceremoniously. I was pretty much at the end of my patience, exhausted  & completely confused by the whole ordeal. So I stood, arms crossed, while

dad made some (seemingly) weird, out-of-the-blue speech about family and love, and blah...blah...blah... blah..... Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Andrew was down on the ground. On one knee. And there was the ring. And holy hell, what did he just ask me!?

& although I was in complete shock and hardly capable of intaking oxygen into my lungs, let alone formulating comprehensible speech, everyone standing by & the neighbors down the street, can all agree that I  (perhaps very, very loudly....) said "yes!"

Next up -- Info on selecting our wedding date, the venue & my dress!
Until next time! 

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