Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Nephew, My Knee & An Upcoming Series

It's been way too long since I last updated & I'm sorry. I'm really failing at this, I realize. But I'm trying!

There have been so many changes and craziness lately (there always is, isn't there?) Let me number these since it's going to be a bunch of what should be different entries all bunched into one....

1.) My nephew was born 9/16! It was so ridiculously exciting! My sister in law went into the hospital around noon on 9/15 to get checked out & was told that it would be awhile before the little guy was here. But, then a few short hours later, her water broke & she had him around 2:15am on 9/16. It was such a whirlwind day but we were SO excited to finally get to meet our beautiful little nephew! My husband & I were asked to be the little guy's godparents & we're so honored & excited! He's such a precious, perfect little blessing & we're so thrilled to have him in our lives<3 He's so inquisitive & so strong for being as little as he is. Last week when I was holding him, he kept lifting his head off my shoulder. He was 3 weeks old at the time for goodness sake! He's such a sweetheart. He's still in the phase where he snoozes a lot but when he's awake he's so complacent & completely satisfied just sitting on a lap looking around. I'm just so overwhelmingly excited to get to watch this little guy grow! My husband is just so excited & proud to be this cutie's uncle. Momma, Daddy & Baby are adjusting so well. It's so fun to watch people you've known for ages turn into parents. It's been amazing watching my sisters & cousins turn into mommies. Our little nephew is just precious beyond words. I feel so lucky to be able to add my new newphew/godson to my auntie brag list which includes 2 other silly, handsome little nephews, 2 beautiful, amazing nieces & another sweet little godson who is such a smiley, ADORABLE little guy! My husband & I are truly blessed to have so many little miracles in our lives!

2.) Story Time! & if you're faint at the sight of blood, you should definitely look away. You've been warned. Sunday afternoon my husband & I decided to go out to lunch. He went into the bedroom to change his clothes & I tried to sneakily head out to the mailbox to put in a check in for a surprise I got for our anniversary. I walk out of the garage & there in the driveway JUST outside the garage door is a snake. It was a BIG snake & it had a twitching, bulging gut full of some kind of rodent it was digesting for lunch. It scared me half to death & before common sense could filter into my brain, I was dashing back into the garage at full speed. Instead of running up the 2 cement stairs that lead to the door in my garage, I smack RIGHT into them, knee-first. I am a SERIOUS bleeded so within, say, 15 seconds I've completely soaked through my pant leg from knee down to shin, my shoe & blood is pooling on the garage floor & the steps. I'm bad with the sight of blood & because I'm a wee bit in shock, I start to black out. My poor husband finds me on the stoop, bleeding profusely & helps get me into the car & on the way to Lockport Hospital. 6 stitches & some x-rays later, I'm limping around like a goofball & my knee won't bend. Nothing is broken, just pretty epically bruised. This is my right knee which also happens to be the knee I drive with. Not good when you have an hour-long commute to work everyday. I had to call in today because I woke up & my knee was SO stiff that I could hardly move it. I'm PRAYING that this feels better by tomorrow. I can't afford to take any more time off of work. Not fun.

3.) My first anniversary is Sunday October 20th! I absolutely cannot believe it's been a year since our wedding day. It feels like it was just yesterday. The whole experience was just incredible & I'm so, so excited to have been able to marry my best friend in such a PERFECT way. So. For the next week, I'm going to be sharing some of the details from our wedding in chronological order. "Becoming the Breen's" will begin today & I'll post a new blog every day until Sunday!
 So, from the details of how we met to the proposal, my bridal shower, my bachelorette party, our rehearsal dinner, to the morning of our wedding, our ceremony, our reception & our honeymoon, I'll be attempting to share it all including pictures. I plan to then sum it all up with a love letter to my husband! & in case you're wondering, we STILL have not finalized the plans for our anniversary which is very, very unlike me. Normally I'm a very efficient planner, believe it or not. We've thrown around a few ideas including a night in Canada, the Fingerlakes or seeing "Ghost - The Musical" at Shea's Performing Arts Center downtown. I guess we'll see what happens! All the matters is that we'll be together, celebrating this amazing year together. Added bonus -- We're on vacation next week. :-)

Stay tuned!

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