Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Anniversary/New Look!

Hello, hello, hello!
I haven't gotten around to writing about our honeymoon but I PROMISE I'll do it eventually. :-)

Things have been busy in the Breen Household! We've been trying to productively use this past few weekends to get stuff done around the house. I'll go into that another time. But, first I'll start where I left off... Our Anniversary! 

Funds were a bit tight this year so although we'd hoped to go away for our anniversary, it just wasn't in the cards. Also, I managed to hurt myself a week before & my leg wasn't completely better making walking relatively unpleasant. We spent the day relaxing together, watching old movies & reminiscing about what we were doing a year ago. Then we had some champagne & the leftover wedding cake.

We followed that up with dinner at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery in downtown Buffalo. ( They have AMAZING food & some of the most delicious House Brews ever! (Try the Blue-Eyed Blueberry Blonde! SOOOOO good!) We really enjoyed our dinner & driving around the city. Then we came home & relaxed. That's pretty much it! Haha. 

Since we were on vacation for the whole week, we made a few day trips. My favorite was to Letchworth State Park. It was a lovely, cool day despite a few drops of rain. The scenery was beautiful & the leaves were breathtaking. We drove from one end of the state park to the other, admiring the sceney & searching for the waterfalls. SUCH a fun day! Also -- One of the greatest parts of the day... At one of the lookout points we found a dollar rolled up with a lovely note on it. (See below!) This made me smile all day. :-)

So those are the highlights of our Anniversary/Week Vacation! It was such a fun week with my husband. It's always nice to have no obligations, no place to be... Just freedom to go wherever, whenever. :-) 
New subject & you may have noticed, I changed the title of the blog to officially match the URL (FINALLY.) So, Being The Breen's is officially the name! Woo! With this change comes a pretty new look. I'm really diggin' the changes! It's nice to change things around every once in awhile. 
That's all for now. 

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