Friday, August 22, 2014

I'm Dreaming of a White..... Kitchen.

This is random.

But, I'm on Pinterest right now just kinda scrolling around.
Can I just tell you how obsessed with white kitchens & subway tile I am!?
Like, every part of my rational brain is screaming "THINK OF THE STAINS. THINK OF THE DUST." But some weird, minimalist, modern part of me just won't hear a word of it. I want a white kitchen. With subway tile. & cool-toned, modern hardware. 

Found on
I mean, c'mon. Look at how elegant & clean everything looks. It's so classic & aesthetically pleasing. It's so prettttttttyyyyy. Plus the contrast of the gray subway tile against the white cupboards? Look how stunning those flowers look in such a neutral setting! *sigh*

 & how perfect are those open cupboards? I know if I had a ton of cupboard space (perhaps if I had a pantry so I wasn't using each & every freakin' square inch of my cupboards....) I'd totally do something like this above the sink. It's like built-in display cases & I love it oh-so-incredibly-unbelievably-much.

My husband will fight me tooth & nail on this, I know it. But in the eventual Casa de Breen there WILL be a white kitchen. Because, I mean. There just MUST be. :-)

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