Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Been Awhile!

For more reasons than one...

First, the power cord on my laptop broke and for a good week and a half, I couldn't use my laptop. My husband bought me some kind of fancy, universal charger. Unfortunately, even that was touchy. Sometimes it charged, sometimes it didn't. It's hard to blog when your laptop is down! So, Andrew, being the amazingly handy guy he is, ordered a part offline and completely took the whole laptop apart and put it back together. And it works! It charges! Hubby saves the day!

Also, we've been SUPER busy! The weather has been bad... Causing my hour long commute home to take 2 hours. Plus, we're still trying to eat healthy which means less eating out and no more "I'm going to be home late! What should I pick up on the way home?" Turns out cooking every night is complicated. Andrew will not be satisfied with a salad for dinner. Not that I can blame him. What kind of dinner is that? I've had to use my imagination (and the internet!) to come up with different, healthy dinner ideas. So far, we've had success! I'm down 17 pounds, my husband is down 8! Seeing progress is WONDERFUL! But that's not the best part. We both FEEL better, healthier, more energetic! And that's awesome, especially during the dreary, dark winter months.

Oh, off topic but, as soon as my laptop started working again, I got one of my "to-do" items crossed off and started my wedding photo slideshow. It's not COMPLETELY done, but it's pretty freakin' close. I'll post it when I get it completely finished. :) It combines professional photos and pictures taken by my sisters, best friends and from my own camera with music from the wedding.  Looking through our wedding pictures alone makes me cry, add some music to it and it's all over for my mascara. Haha. Our wedding day was an amazing day for both of us. Having everyone we loved with us as we started our married life together just mean the absolute world to us. I feel so lucky to be sharing my life with the most amazing husband a girl could ask for.

Enough about the wedding for now. I promise one day (someday...) I'll dedicate a whole blog post to our wedding day. That day is not today. Haha.

Today I will be blogging about nothing cohesive. Haha. Just here and there-ness.

I've mentioned before that Sundays with my husband are my absolute favorite thing in the world. I love waking up late, having breakfast together, cleaning the house together, playing with Teddy in between sweeping and dishes, having a nice, homecooked dinner together... Our Sundays together exemplify what I always pictured our marriage to be like. Just, us being us in our house. There's nothing that HAS to be done and we could just as easily sit around all day and watch TV. Some Sundays that's exactly what we do. But there's something unifying about working on our home together. Yes, Sundays are the best days.

Today has been a wonderful Sunday together. We slept in, had a Mexican breakfast burrito (egg whites, salsa, pepper, and a wheat tortilla.) to start the day, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen and I started our dinner -- CHILI! I love doing crockpot meals on the weekdays. It takes so little effort, but it always tastes hearty and warm and PERFECT for a winter day. On the weekends I tend to cook meals that take time and serious preparation. But today I'm feeling a bit lazy. Haha. So, chili it is. The house smells delicious and I cannot wait to dig in!

Andrew leaves for Watertown tomorrow morning which really, really stinks. I'm trying to remain optimistic about it though. He's going to be home Thursday evening. Thursday happens to be Valentine's Day! I've got BIG plans for our first Valentine's Day as Mr. & Mrs. B. :)

I'm leaving work at 2:30 on Thursday. This should give me enough time to put together dinner and dessert. I figure he probably won't be back in town until 5:30-6 so I'll have time for food prep and setup. :) I found this wonderful "Mission Impossible" idea on another blog via Pinterest. I like the general idea of a scavanger hunt. Only, I doubt it'll end up being Mission Impossible themed.... Anyway, on the door in the garage will be an envelope with his name on it. Inside will be a clue which will lead him to another clue and so on, so on. The end will lead him to the bedroom.... And that's where I'll be. ;) Should be fun! I'm not sure what I'll be making for dinner yet. I'm thinking seafood of some sort (lobster, maybe? Mmm!) And some kind of chocolate dessert. Maybe chocolate covered strawberries with champagne? We still have quite a bit left over after our New Year's Eve party!

Okay. This has no flow, no sense and is just a collection of random thoughts. It is what it is. Haha.

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