Saturday, April 5, 2014

12 Original Date Night Ideas

I'm always looking for fun things Andrew & I can do together. The same old, same old dinner + movie dates are fun, but sometimes you just need a change.

 We're goofy by nature & we really enjoy playful, silly dates. Considering we're not independently wealthy & we live in an area with weather that doesn't always cooperate, using our imaginations is key! Here's some ideas we've compiled!

Wine Tasting... In Your Kitchen -- If you do not have the fortune of being located around wineries, you shouldn't deprive yourself the chance to "wine taste." Go to the liquor store & pick up sample bottles of wines & beer. (To make it fun, I normally am drawn to wines with quirky names...) Take 'em home, pour yourself some samples & vote on your favorite one.You can even skip the liquor store & buy samples online. I suggest pairing with chocolate or cheese.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? -- Playing outside in the winter is NOT just for kids! Take your love outside & make snow angels, build a snowman or have a snowball fight!

Share Chocolate-Covered Strawberries, Champagne in the Bathtub -- Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. But, c'mon. Do you really need one when champagne is involved? Plus, taking a bath together is just romantic as can be. Don't forget the candles & soft music!

Have a "Chopped" Style Meal -- Hit up your local farmer's market/grocery store for a total of  5 ingredients that your spouse must cook with. The crazier, the better. Your spouse, meanwhile, picks a basket of ingredients for you to cook with. (I suggest one spouse makes dinner, the other makes dessert) Once home, try & turn the ingredients chosen for you into a meal for both of you! The spouse who makes the most delicious meal is the winner!

Garden Together -- Head to your local nursery or home improvement store for plants & supplies. Working together towards a common goal is so much fun & getting dirty together can only be fun, right? I suggest following this up with date idea #3!

Volunteer Together -- Not only will you be bonding, you'll be saving the world together! Don't know how to volunteer your time? I suggest checking out volunteer opportunities at your local animal shelter, maybe become a big brother/big sister, consider helping out your local Red Cross or best yet, look for opportunities to help out Habitat for Humanity. I've volunteered with Habitat before & it's fun as well as rewarding.

Play Laser Tag -- Lasertron is a blast! What beats running around in the dark, giggling, dressed in goofy gear chasing each other in a flirty game of laser tag?! Not much!

Have a Grill-Off -- If you're burger crazy, this is the date night for you! Both of you create a pair of burgers. How about a caprese burger? How'd you like a cheddar-stuffed burger? The possibilities are endless. Whoever creates & grills the best burger wins!

Visit Your Local Theme Park/Carnival! -- Any adrenaline junkies out there? If you like to scream while being propelled down a hill at insane speeds & being high up in the air in a cage, then this one is for you. Theme parks are full of exciting things to do, junkfood & sometimes, if you're lucky, a water park! I suggest sharing a plate of fried dough & cuddling up in the ferris wheel to add some romance to the adrenaline rush!

Make a "Themed" Dinner! -- Need some suggestions? Try fiesta night (tacos, margaritas, a pinata would be fun too! Maybe try some Mexican chocolate or even Churros or Flan?!) Italian night (spaghetti & meatballs "Lady & the Tramp" style, a good bottle of wine & possibly biscotti with coffee for dessert?)

Take an Art Class -- Even if it's just 1 class. Learn some basics, get some supplies, take your newly acquired skills home & draw/paint each other. Think Titanic style.

Read a Book Together in Bed -- Hear me out. I'm not talking about Harry Potter. (Although TRUST ME. I LOVE me some Harry!) I'm talking trashy, mushy, paperback, "romantic" novels. You can skip the filler & get right to the raunchy stuff. Sure you'll both do some giggling but, trust me. It'll set a mood.

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