Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bunnies & Birthdays!

Happy Spring!

The weather is getting warmer & it's been a busy, busy month already! I haven't shared any pictures lately so I figured I'd share some along with the highlights since my last update. So, here's some pictures & fun stuff mostly from Easter & Andrew's birthday, which we celebrated on Sunday!

Easter was SUCH a great day! From the company to the weather, it was all great from start to finish! My aunt has brunch on Easter & it's always such a beautiful party. She's an incredible hostess & the food, atmosphere & decorations are always immaculate. In addition to the beauty of it all, there was lots of family time, laughter & memories made! Definitely a great start to the day!

After brunch, we went to my in-law's house for dinner. We had a delicious dinner & my husband, my brother in-law & their cousin went outside to play lacrosse... Which was very, VERY entertaining to watch. It was more like pickle-in-the-middle/tackle football/soccer/baseball-lacrosse.... No eyes were poked out, legs broken or windows smashed so I'd call it a successful game! We then had some dessert which Andrew & I crafted the night before.

The Bunny Butt Cake!
My mother-in-law has ALWAYS made a bunny cake for Easter dinner. It's been tradition since my husband & his siblings were kiddos. Last year she had to work the night before Easter & she didn't have time to prepare the bunny cake. I volunteered to make one, but I knew I'd never be able to make the cake the same way she did. She's clearly the master at that & I knew a different variation of the bunny cake was required. Thank god for Pinterest! I found this recipe for an adorable bunny but cake! & it was SUCH a hit! She asked that I make it again this year & I have a feeling I might be making one next year too! The only deviationsare the "fence" which I made with wafer cookies & some frosting to make it stick. It helped the cookie crumbs stay in the cake carrier. Also, the pads of the feet are pink marshmallows I found in the bulk aisle & I didn't use pink frosting. Adorable, right!?

Speaking of cake! My wonderful husband's birthday is Wednesday. We had a family dinner at our house Sunday & it was so great to have everyone over! I made pizza, breadsticks & my mother-in-law brought salad for dinner. It was quick & easy which was really what I was going for. :-) I made his birthday cake as well. There's just something so special about a homemade birthday cake, isn't there? Store-bought is great too. But, a cake made especially for you is just the sweetest part of a birthday! Maybe this is my inner child who had years & years of Disney, Pokemon, boy band cakes, speaking, but I definitely want those I love to have the gift of a personalized, special cake! ...Even if I'm not exactly a baker.  I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! It's a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. 

So delicious! & I managed to decorate it without making a complete mess of the frosting! Success! Ha. The family time was great. Lots of laughing & silliness always ensues with my in-laws & my dad! SUCH a great night. I think the birthday boy had a pretty good time too.... Even though he looks a bit grumpy here. :-)

Anyway! That's all I've got for now! Until next time!

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