Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reasons I Consider Myself Blessed

I'm having a rough day today. Rather than focus on the negative, I'm going to focus my energy on being grateful for the ways in which I am blessed.

1) My husband. I'm married to the most amazing man on this planet. When I'm down, for whatever reason, he picks up the slack for me. He is an amazing partner. He inspires me to be better & reminds me of my worth constantly. The ways in which he blesses me each and every moment of the day are immeasurable. I can't begin to describe how much I love this man. I can only say THANK YOU, LORD for blessing me with this incredible marriage. One of my most common prayers is that I be the wife this wonderful man deserves. I'm so blessed to have my husband in my life.

2) My health. Things have been tough lately healthwise. But today, I woke up. I have breath in my lungs & a steady heartbeat. I was able to put my feet on the ground & continue about my day. For this, I am blessed.

3.) It isn't raining! It's been such a rainy, gray week but today there is radiant sunshine in the blue sky! The trees are green & full of life & the birds are singing. Nature is lovely today & I've really enjoyed being a spectator to the natural wonder around me.

4.) My best friend. I mentioned my rough day. I told Jer about this & she's on her way over with wine. The mark of a true, fantastic friend I'd say....

5.) My beautiful home. Yes, I'm too tired to do the dishes tonight, I didn't make the bed this morning & there's a basket of unfolded laundry in my living room. But I LOVE this house. It truly, honestly does feel like home to me. Coming home is such a blessing everyday. Having a roof over my head & a place to call my own is such a blessing. I'm so grateful for every square inch!

Nothing like listing your blessings to remind you how petty your bad day seems! :-)

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