Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Breen's Summer To-Do List

Don't hate me if I repeat this for every single season... But, well, I'm a pretty big fan of summer. The warm weather, the sunshine, the long days, the warm nights... Not to mention, there's ENDLESS amounts of things to do & see-- BBQs, the sunset at the lake, outdoor concerts, bonfires, fireflies, thunderstorms, craft shows, festivals, stargazing, county fairs.... I'm just in love with it all.

It's been a pretty busy summer already! We've had a graduation & a wedding, wedding/baby showers & lots of obligations to attend to on the weekends. The rest of the summer is looking pretty lax so I'm making a "to-do" list so that we don't manage to miss out on a single thing! This also kind of works as a "Summer Date Night" guide. Feel free to take whatever works for you!

-- Watch the sunRISE at the lake
-- Lockport's Craft Show
-- See a concert at Artpark
-- Catch at LEAST one of the shows in Lockport
-- Break out the telescope & do some serious stargazing
-- Have a picnic
-- Go camping
-- Attend at least 1 bonfire
-- Go to the drive-in
-- Spend the day at the county fair
-- Go berry picking
-- Take a boat tour
-- Go "history" seeking a the local Historical Society
-- Lockport Caves
-- Go out for ice cream!
-- Spend a day floating/sunbathing in the pool with a margarita
-- Live bands down by the lake
-- Darien Lake
-- Clifton Hill
-- Stay up all night
-- Make wine slushies & relax on the porch
-- Go to the "Taste of..."
-- Italian Fest!
-- Go to the zoo!
-- Laser Tag
-- Spend a day at the museums in Buffalo

Super excited to start this weekend! :-)

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